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Abstract Ocean

Ultra-Bright Lights for Rivian R1T/R1S


Each bulb is sold as an individual piece.

This allows you to mix and match colors as you wish. Since each location requires two bulbs, we suggest ordering two or four 

Plug n play, visually identical to the factory bulbs, and guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle!

There's two types of lights in the R1T, dimming ones in the footwells, and regular (non-dimming) in the frunk, tunnel and rear license plate. R1S has the frunk and rear plate only. We'll be launching with the frunk/tunnel lights, as we work through a few complications with the dimming variants.

Specifications (factory light specs in brackets)

  • Power Consumption 1.25W (0.32W)
  • Lumens: 182Lm (25.5Lm)
  • LED count: 10 (2)
  • CRI 70-80 (60)