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Velcro Pull Straps

Velcro Pull Straps

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You'll only need 2 of these, but they're handy for all types of things.

Product Description

original cinch straporiginal cinch strap

  • IMPROVED ORGANIZATION - Perfect for organizing and securing items in your home, garage, office, vehicle, for camping and outdoors.
  • EASY TO USE - Constructed of durable, strong gripping hook and loop nylon material, these adjustable, reusable and multi-purpose cinch straps are easy to use and hold strong, without any worry of them becoming undone!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Manufactured using high-quality and durable materials. The straps are not glued together but are ultrasonically welded for strength and long-lasting performance.


Easy to UseEasy to Use

Strong GripStrong Grip


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Different SizesDifferent SizesPick the Right Size - Check Size Chart

These straps have a huge variety of uses. They can be used to better organize large bundles of cables, decorations, electrical cables, computer wires, Christmas lights for out of season storage, bundles of tools, camping equipment, ropes, hoses, you name it!

Available in different lengths and sizes to suit your exact needs. Multiple straps can be combined to extend their lengths. See images and detailed description for sizes. Other sizes are available. Don't see the size you need? Please let us know what you are looking for.

Neoprene sleeveNeoprene sleeve

Neoprene Sleeve

Neoprene sleeves can be wrapped around buckles and D-Rings of cinch straps and securing straps. Provides protection to surfaces while also providing an additional locking mechanism for added security.

Made from quality neoprene material, stitched together for extra strength without the use of any adhesives!

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Close up of Cinch Strap Hook and LoopClose up of Cinch Strap Hook and Loop

Strong Hook and Loop

Our hook and loop nylon material will hold strong and not loosen up over time. The strap is adjustable so you can use one size for different uses and it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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original Luggage Elastic Velour premium heavy duty Reusable Cinch Straps Luggage Straps Elastic Cinch Straps Velour Cinch Straps Premium Cinch Straps Heavy Duty Cinch Straps Material: Nylon Nylon Nylon Velour Nylon Polyester Webbing Bond Type: Ultrasonically welded Ultrasonically welded Stitched Stitched Stitched Stitched Clasp Type: Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Weatherproof: ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Elastic Hook & Loop: No No Yes No No No Strap Strength: Strong Strong Strong Strong Stronger Strongest Colors: Black, White Multiple, Neon Black Black Black Black Smallest Size: 3/4" x 8" 2" x 72" 3/4" x 8" 3/4" x 8" 3/4" x 8" 1" x 12" Largest Size: 3" x 100" 2" x 100" 2" x 60" 2" x 72" 3" x 100" 1.5" x 60" Key Features: Reusable and multipurpose, strong and reliable and suitable for a wide range of materials, cables, tools, bicycles or anything you want secured or organized. Large and suitable for luggage or other large items, multicolor for easy identification purposes. Features elastic nylon material that can be used to firmly hold a wide range of materials, cables and tools. Features soft velour material, these are suitable for securing or organizing sensitive items or equipment. These are strong and reusable. Made of high-quality, 100% nylon material that is stitched together to provide extra strength, with a stainless steel buckle, these are high quality straps that can be used for any organizational or securing situations. Features tough, high density polyester webbing and a stainless steel buckle. Parts are stitched together to provide additional strength. These provide high-strength securing of your items indoors and outdoors.

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Materials and care

  • Made from powdercoated aluminum.

  • Durable, reliable, and ready for adventure.

  • Due to our small shop setup, at this time returns and changes of heart are not accepted. Once the materials begin their journey to becoming your trusty new cover, there's not really any turning back.