Tonneau Instructions

 Click here for printable instructions

Thank you for your purchase, and congratulations on finally having a tonneau cover for your R1T! 


To install, I recommend standing on the gear tunnel door or in the truck bed and inserting one end of the small slat into one rear corner then sliding the opposite corner back into the other side’s rail. Generally, I just leave this in all the time, as it doesn’t take up very much room. If you have any trouble with the remaining panels sliding in all the way, try pushing them to one side or the other to align the tongue and groove.


The order of the panels from the cab to the tailgate should be the skinny piece, the panel with one soft velcro patch and 2 hook patches, the 3 with only one hook patch, and finally the panel with the weatherstripping and 3 patches.


When first installed the panels should fit snuggly. Make sure to insert them as straight as possible, and give a gentle tap if they need a little encouragement to slide in. Closing the tailgate for the first time may require a bit more force than usual, but this should go away once the weatherstripping has had time to mold into place. You do not need to lubricate rails, but it won’t hurt anything if you see fit to do so. 


Please reach out if you have any questions or issues and we’ll get them resolved. 


Thank you again and I hope you have many wonderful adventures with your new tonneau.